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… if you want to work in the gastronomy in the beautiful and international city of Heidelberg, Germany.
There are plenty of opportunities for you right now.
You apply, we create the contact to the restaurants. 

See what jobs are available - there is plenty to do!

  • Service staff (e.g. waiter | waitress) – full and part-time
  • Cook / Chef full and part-time
Every restaurant on is searching for new employees. From very trendy restaurants to vegetarian restaurants all the way to haute cuisine restaurants. Check out the restaurants on and let us know, if you have preferences. 

Interested? Give us some info about you and we start the process:

Unfortunately, we cannot help with a relocation. The prerequisite is that you are allowed to work in Germany. Unfortunately, we cannot support the process for a visa. 

About Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a beautiful and international city in the south west of Germany very popular for its stunning landscape and old architecture. Their 160.000 inhabitants bringing life to the city are quite young thanks to the Heidelberg University who is the oldest in Germany. The university brings also different cultures and nationalities and therefore is a very open-minded and cosmopolitan city. Do you want to come to know it?

Coming over: 
Take the chance to move abroad to a beautiful city with the security of having a job at your arrival! Live the experience of getting to know a new country, a new culture and we will help you socializing at 

You are already here?
Simply send us your details and we will help you getting settle getting a job and getting to know new friends via events and fun activities.

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Who we are - about

We publish available lunch menus in Heidelberg and in the same time, we connect people to have lunch together. Our motto: “Eat & Socialize – because eating together is better!” 
During our work with restaurants, we saw the pressing need for new employees. As if the pandemic was not enough, the restaurants in Germany suffer from a big lack of people. Some restaurants even had to close their doors already. 

We at would like to use this as an opportunity to support both – people who would like to work in the gastronomy in Germany and the restaurants.
You can find more about in the about us section. 

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